Rome’s hidden treasures: Coppedè neighborhood

It seems that most of Roman people has never been there or don’t even know it exists: Coppedè is Rome's smallest neighborhood, one of the boldest architectural experiment ever made in the Eternal City where Liberty, Neo-Gothic, Kitsch, Baroque and Modernism perfectly coexist. Eclectic mix of styles, it can hardly be defined a "real" neighborhood because of its small size, so it's commonly considered part of Trieste district. 
Located between Via Tagliamento and Piazza Buenos Aires, it owes its name to Luigi Coppedè, architect, sculptor and decorator who gave birth to a unique, timeless masterpiece of eclectism. The gloomy Gothic style meets the Classical style inspired by Greece besides Medieval turrets, Baroque plasters and Liberty adornments. Piazza Mincio is the heart of the neighborhood, where you can see the Fontana delle Rane (Fountain of the Frogs) where – according to legend – The Beatles swam after a party at Piper, in 1965. Because of the neighborhood's enchanting allure many movies have been shot here, such as Dario Argento's The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.
Visiting Coppedè will really leave you speechless… don't miss the chance!